Higher Mindfulness with Catherine Sherlock – Episode 93

“If there is a purpose to this life, I would say it’s to evolve ourselves….”

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Episode Summary

Catherine Sherlock is an expert in leadership actualization, intuition, and emotional intelligence. Catherine works with leaders who see the bigger picture, where leadership is about becoming and showing up as your best self to ignite the best in others. She believes that higher mindfulness is about creating a more profound connection inside your ecosystem to unlock possibilities and empower higher levels of performance from a place of wholeness and inner peace. In this episode, Catherine and Aviv expound on the roles of energy, emotions, and inner peace play in leadership. Finally, they analyze in depth the importance of peak experiences.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:37 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Catherine Sherlock who shares what she enjoys most about her work with leaders, and the roles that emotions, energy, and inner peace play in leadership
  • 07:37 – Catherine expounds on some of the methodologies she employs in her work with leaders, including the importance of meditation
  • 14:04 – Catherine differentiates between mindfulness and higher mindfulness and
  • shares her thoughts on servant leadership
  • 24:51 – Catherine speaks to the importance of filling up your own cup first and how she helps leaders connect to their inner wisdom and intuition
  • 32:38 – Aviv and Catherine delve deep into the concept of peak experiences
  • 46:14 – Aviv expounds on the bull and bear market principle
  • 52:29 – Advice Catherine would give to her younger self
  • 54:47 – Final words of wisdom from Catherine

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