How Extraordinary Groups Achieve Amazing Results with Geoff Bellman – Part 2 – Episode 27


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Episode Summary

“Most organizations are still using some form of the old hierarchical structure that they had in the 60s and 70s.”

After spending 14 years in corporate America, Geoff Bellman launched his consulting firm – 40 years ago.  His consulting has focused on renewing large, mature organizations the likes of Verizon, Shell, and Boeing.

Geoff is also an author and has written such books as, The Consultant’s Calling: Bringing Who You Are to What You Do, which is how I was first introduced to him.  His most recent book, Extraordinary Groups: How Extraordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results, explores teams, families, and groups that perform beyond everyone’s expectations.  In this book, Geoff seeks to find out what enables such breakthrough performance to happen.  Listen in to learn more about Geoff and his insightful views on this fascinating topic.

Essential Learning Points:

  • The speed at which we work today discourages reflection.
  • Organizationally we’ve not been in this phase for very long. It has only been a couple of decades that we’ve been working at this speed, and we truly don’t know what the hell we are doing right now. Organizations have not found ways to adapt yet.
  • We know how to deluge people with data but we don’t yet know how to put it together as information that’s really useful. It is a mess as it ought to be. This is a transformative time, and we don’t know what we are transforming to.
  • We are used to being in control. We should be seeking answers now. And I don’t think we should know what the answers are now.
  • “Our thesis was that if you gather people in a gymnasium and you asked them to sort out what made teams great, they would come to agreement about certain elements regardless of the skills and or the context.”
  • What the six needs that people have when they join a team?
  • There is a healthy tension between the current state and the future possibility and between the need to be accepted as you are (current) to the need to be realizing your potential (future).
  • People describe great team work as magic, chemistry, we love each other, but I cannot come to a new team and say “do magic, do chemistry”, so we had to get beneath the magical expression.
  • How do you encourage and help a team become great? What are the behaviors and ways to help a team discover a peak experience?
  • What are the eight indicators of extraordinary teams?
  • The transformation is more about seeing than about doing; more about perspective than it is about a skill. The world looks different when you have been transformed.
  • Pay attention to yourself and who you are becoming.

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