How to Listen with Oscar Trimboli

“Good listeners listen to what people say, and great listeners notice what people don’t say. When you know the neuroscience of listening, you realize that people can think up to nine times faster than they can speak. So the first thing they say is probably between ten and fourteen percent of what they are thinking.”

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Episode Summary

Oscar Trimboli is the author of How to Listen: Discover the Hidden Key to Better Communication . He is the speaker and host of the podcast, Deep Listening, a podcast that is centered on creating practical tips and techniques to improve your daily listening. The world is a noisy place where you fight to be heard every day. Oscar understands this and joins the show to engage in a rich discussion on deep listening, facilitating conversations to get to the ‘essence,’ and the importance of having a listening ritual. Join Aviv Shahar as he and Oscar break down best practices to help you overcome barriers in How to Listen.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:32 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Oscar Trimboli, who joins the show to share what brings him joy, and the central idea behind his book, How to Listen
  • 03:39 – Four consistent barriers to listening and the cost of not listening well
  • 10:41 – Three microskills that can help progress your listening
  • 15:34 – Making presence as practical as possible
  • 18:11 – Facilitating conversations to get to the ‘essence’
  • 22:36 – Different levels of listening and the job of a listener
  • 29:05 – The importance of having a ‘listening ritual’
  • 34:35 – What could be possible if everyone practiced deep listening
  • 39:49 – One piece of advice he would give to his twenty-five year old self and two key learnings Oscar values above all others
  • 41:09 – Final thoughts from Oscar

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