How to Reach Mastery

How to Reach Mastery

“The journey toward mastery begins with the awareness of a need. Change- and development-triggering signals can be interior and exterior, individual and organizational.”

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Aviv discusses the means by which mastery can be achieved. The journey into mastery consists of three legs: awareness of a need, development practice and elevation mastery. In order to break down this journey, Aviv encourages the you to follow along as he draws a diagram image to serve as a journey visual. Aviv shows how each leg of the journey is meticulously interconnected and can have a great impact on your critical readiness. That critical readiness is the point where elevation to mastery occurs. Aviv demonstrates that mastery is not limited to business, entertainment or sport. Mastery can encompass the full range of endeavors, including teaching, coaching, leading, gardening, cooking, listening, caring and loving. Finally, Aviv urges listeners to focus on the need that drives you to embark on the development practice and patiently work toward readiness.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 01:02 – Introducing today’s topic, ‘How to Reach Mastery’
  • 01:27 – Aviv gives an example of a senior executive charged with establishing a completely new organization
  • 02:19 – The importance of resourceful and rapid application when creating a sustained impact
  • 03:53 – What’s holding us back from reaching our fullest potential?
  • 04:48 – Defining sapient sapience
  • 05:53 – Facing the Einstein puzzle
  • 07:21 – The three-legged journey into mastery
  • 08:04 – Aviv details a diagram of what this journey into mastery looks like
  • 10:17 – The first leg of the journey: Awareness of a Need
  • 12:32 – The second leg of the journey: Development Practice
  • 14:13 – Aviv uses the example of the Israelites wandering in the desert to show the purpose of resistance in catalyzing necessary change
  • 16:33 – The third leg of the journey: Elevation Mastery
  • 17:37 – Aviv recalls a story about Al Pacino to convey that elevation to mastery occurs only when one is ready
  • 20:50 – Mastery can be achieved in many different ways
  • 22:31 – Now it’s your turn, focus on the need that drives you

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