How to Set Yourself Free with David Gommé – Episode 39

David Gommé

“As you learn to evaluate a situation from the standpoint of the situation, you begin to discover new capacities in yourself that you previously never realized.”

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Episode Summary

David Gommé is the founder of Future Dynamics. For more than three decades David has been helping CEOs and executives get centered, develop clarity of progress, and operate at significantly higher levels and in better and more enlightened ways. David is a big picture thinker, an intuitive coach who brings game-changing insights to the human condition and to how leaders can unleash latent capabilities and translate ideas to produce sustained results.

He also produces a free insight periodical, The Fulcrum, to help emerging leaders focus on important objectives in understanding self-awareness, change, and leadership.

David has helped coach and consult senior executives, leadership teams, and entrepreneurs understand the dynamics of change as well as their own potential in order to create new futures for their business.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 03:23 – The evolution of David’s work from Capable Dynamics to Future Dynamics
  • 09:24 – David wanted to utilize his skills in a new way to help leaders understand the essence of change and its impact on organizational systems
  • 11:44 – A reflection of a recent experience on the cycle of change
  • 12:49 – Stress produces adverse effects on the human body which prevent productivity
  • 15:44 – The Ten Actors Methodology and the fundamentals that shaped this approach
  • 18:33 – The hammer and the nail analogy for habitual responses
  • 22:08 – In each person, there is the lesser person and the greater person when reacting to stress
  • 26:42 – The developmental potential for human beings to unleash a wider range of skills
  • 28:17 – How David frames and shapes the journey of personal development for executives
  • 32:15 – White noise and distraction in the 21st century
  • 34:35 – CEOs reach out to David for help due to personal needs or help going through the journey
  • 36:15 – The level of intimacy in coaching CEOs initially shocked David
  • 39:50 – David’s explanation of his terminology: “developmental divergence”
  • 46:31 – Having a different conversation can lead to a very different outcome
  • 47:18 – Feedback as one of the triads of organizational issues
  • 49:49 – David explains “The Missing Blue,” as mentioned in his newsletter, The Fulcrum
  • 58:44 – How humans were meant to think—to think with feeling
  • 1:00:49 – The Taj Mahal principle and the Law of Three Octaves
  • 1:08:21 – David’s advice for listeners to set themselves free and become creative in new ways

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