How to Stop Losing Billions of Dollars to Collective Stupidity

 How to Stop Losing Billions of Dollars to Collective Stupidity

“By creating collective stupidity instead of producing collective wisdom, teams produce spectacular organizational failures that lead to strategic fiascos.”

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Aviv Shahar discusses the distinction between the toddler learning experience and the anatomy of adult learning as well as explains the cause of breakdowns in the adult learning cycle that produce devastating loss of ROI. He also explains how you and your team can prevent the failures of collective stupidity and how collective stupidity can be detrimental to opportunities and the growth of individuals and teams. Aviv advises you to teach and coach your teams how to recognize the three points of learning failure, in order to maximize and realize their transformative potential.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 01:43 – Aviv reminisces about the awe he felt listening to his son’s immersive learning experience as a toddler
  • 02:23 – Adult learning relies on situational and contextual learning from existing knowledge and experience
  • 03:32 – The Four Stages of Adult learning explained
  • 04:29 – How to facilitate organizational transformation and help team members accelerate their personal and collective learning
  • 05:42 – What causes the breakdowns that produce devastating loss of ROI and return on effort, time, and learning
  • 06:41 – The first breakdown in the learning process and using the 72-hour rule
  • 08:08 – The second breakdown in the learning process and misunderstanding by team members
  • 09:13 – The third breakdown in the learning process and teams failing to reach their fullest potential of growth
  • 10:24 – In terms of missed opportunities and stifled growth, the cost of losses of learning application due to the three breakdowns can be measured in billions of dollars
  • 10:42 – How will you prevent the catastrophic loss of ROI resulting from the breakdowns in the learning process
  • 11:06 – Be present to learning opportunities and realize their transformative potential

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