Interview with Jon Nastor from Hack the Entrepreneur – Episode 31

Jon Nastor

“The clearer you are about who your ideal client is, the more focused, the more targeted you can be, and the [greater] likelihood the chances of success.”

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Episode Summary

This is a replay from Hack the Entrepreneur podcast where I was interviewed by Jon Nastor. In this conversation, Jon asks me about my clients and how I am able to attain 99% of them through referrals. I explain the three important decisions I made early on in life that led me to work and help the people I do today, saying “yes” to opportunities before having it all figured out, and I touch upon the process I went through to write my book, Create New Futures.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 02:21 – The one thing I do with my clients and the practice I engage in that has been the biggest contributor to both their success and mine
  • 07:21 – What I do to stay in touch with my previous clients
  • 08:54 – How I am able to attain 99% of my clients from referrals
  • 11:27 – The three important decisions I made early on in my life that led me to work with the clients and businesses I do today
  • 17:55 – Saying “yes” to a job even without having all the answers and the “mental-bungee jump”
  • 19:46 – The process I went through in writing my book, Create New Futures
  • 22:25 – The three different audiences I wrote my book for
  • 25:48 – A toddler’s way of learning compared to adult learning
  • 27:13 – My 90/10 rule for adult learning
  • 28:20 – The four stages of adult learning
  • 32:45 – How I measure a life well lived

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