Leadership Is To Be In The Game with Shelley Stewart – Episode 41


Leadership Is To Be In The Game with Shelley Stewart

True leadership means you’re in the game. People don’t see you as someone that won’t do the same thing that they do.

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Episode Summary

Shelley Stewart is the Vice President of Sourcing and Logistics and the Chief Procurement Officer at the DuPont Company, delivering a portfolio of products and solutions in more than 90 countries. Before joining DuPont, Shelley was Senior Vice President of Operational Excellence and Chief Procurement Officer at Tyco International.

In this episode, Shelley speaks about the inspirations and role models that shaped his journey and his leadership insights. He frames the importance of learning outside of his comfort zone and how his network of peers, colleagues, and friends opened critical opportunities for him. Shelley offers that you should never let your aspirations control you. Instead, it is for you to manage your aspirations, while focusing on servant leadership, and on becoming the best you can be in whatever you do.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 02:23 – Aviv’s first meeting with Shelley
  • 03:32 – What is Shelley working on now
  • 05:12 – How did Shelley approach the challenge of the Dow-DuPont merger
  • 07:04 – Some of the big lessons Shelley has implemented to work effectively through conflict
  • 10:00 – Why reframing the conversation is so important
  • 13:35 – What inspired Shelley when he was growing up and his childhood neighborhood as a village
  • 16:01 – Shelley’s journey to getting his first job
  • 19:48 – Biggest lessons Shelley learned through his 19-year career working for United Technologies
  • 21:13 – Working with the Israeli air force
  • 22:43 – Learning outside of his comfort zone
  • 23:53 – Transitioning from United Technologies to Tyco
  • 26:41 – Working with a vast network of people leads to opportunities
  • 28:29 – Giving back to the community
  • 29:23 – What shaped Shelley’s leadership philosophy and the shift from doing to leading
  • 35:15 – Looking for intellectual curiosity in others
  • 37:58 – Shelley’s father mentored people and how that influence Shelley
  • 39:41 – Coaching advice Shelley gives to people early in their career
  • 41:58 – What provides Shelley with the greatest sense of pride
  • 43:08 – Parting wisdom Shelley would like to share

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