Leadership & Tackling Fear Head On

“Never before has a living species rewired and reprogrammed its social and a behavioral code in such a short time. In terms of evolutionary biology this is an astonishing feat, a totally unprecedented accomplishment.” 

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Episode Summary

As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to develop and evolve, its impact on our world cannot be overstated. Never before has an event completely altered the way our society operates. From economic and political paradigm shifts to the emergence of social distancing, the coronavirus had certainly made its mark. In this episode, Aviv expounds on the importance of leadership during crises and why our actions must not be controlled by fear, anxiety, or despair. Aviv poses thought-provoking questions for the audience to reflect on over the next few weeks and months. He urges us to make decisions and take actions unencumbered by fear. Finally, Aviv provides specific strategies for tackling fear head on.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:43 – Introducing today’s topic, Leadership & Tackling Fear Head On
  • 03:03 – The three aspects of fear
  • 06:06 – Aviv expounds on his observations about leadership and the media
  • 13:20 – Aviv encourages listeners to avoid being led by fear, panic and despair
  • 15:50 – What true, effective leadership looks like
  • 17:30 – Strategies for tackling fear head on

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