Leadership & the Law of Becoming

 Leadership & the Law of Becoming

“Do you prefer to define yourself by what you stand against or by what you stand for?”

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Episode Summary

The Law of Becoming states that you become the object of your focus. In this episode, Aviv focuses on the importance of Law of Becoming and its impact on leadership. He uses historical examples and anecdotes to stress the benefits of standing for an ideal rather than against one. Aviv also reflects on defining the focus of one’s development and the four laws that govern and impact the results. He warns against the risks of displaced self-definitions, hollow victories and repeated behavioral patterns. By choosing to invest energy towards positive ideals, causes and goals, you can continue to evolve, creating new possibilities and enabling innovative opportunities.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 01:21 – Why it is easier to stand against other people’s beliefs, ideas, values and expressions rather than standing for them
  • 01:57 – Do you prefer to define yourself by what you stand against, or what you stand for?
  • 02:42 – Investing your energy wisely
  • 03:32 – Aviv mentions Nelson Mandela as an example of one who fought for his cause and vision and how that cemented the legacy of his endeavors
  • 04:04 – The Four Laws highlighted
  • 04:56 – The Law of Becoming explained – You become the object of your focus
  • 05:43 – Quote from Lao Tzu
  • 06:11 – Why it is much more productive to fight for something rather than against it
  • 06:40 – The Law of Ineffectual Displacement explained – You dilute your “can-do” power
  • 06:53 – The Three Displacement Vectors
  • 08:37 – How the media glorify and sensationalize the news in order to fuel conflict
  • 09:32 – The Law of Hollow Victory explained – You are left without a purpose
  • 10:37 – The Law of Perpetuity explained – Your behavioral patterns tend to repeat themselves
  • 11:47 – Complainers and the Law of Perpetuity
  • 12:15 – Connecting Leadership and the Four Laws
  • 13:04 – Why people who stand for ideas continue to evolve
  • 13:28 – How to handle a complainer
  • 14:04 – Now it’s your turn, be your own leader

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