Play Purposefully & Stretch for Growth with Colin Hunter

“I would encourage people to think about this concept of playgrounds and how they can get up every day and turn a practice into a habit into a system that allows them to have fun in their lives.”

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Episode Summary

Colin Hunter is the Chief Executive Officer of Potential Squared, an organization whose purpose is to create a global playground that disrupts the way people collaborate and lead. They teach organizations how to build a workplace culture that is less like a classroom and is more like a playground, a place filled with opportunities to take risks and test boundaries. Colin is the author of Be More Wrong: How Failure Makes You an Outstanding Leader, which uncovers the habits and practices of the Hero’s Journey together with design thinking and the blended skills of coaching and mentoring.

In this episode, Colin and Aviv engage in a rich discussion of finding your purpose, stretching for growth, and having fun along the way. Colin breaks down the Three ‘C’s from his book and explains the Hero’s Journey. Aviv and Colin also touch on the concept of building deep layers of self-insight and the personal journey that can follow. Finally, Colin speaks to the importance of discovering the playground that surrounds your purpose and allows you to have fun in your life.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 01:00 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Colin Hunter who shares his background, speaks to what he enjoys most about his work and explains why he considers himself a ‘work-in-progress’
  • 08:39 – Colin talks about the phenomenon of ‘Squirrelling’
  • 09:46 – The Hero’s Journey
  • 12:59 – The Three ‘C’s: Core practices from Colin’s book
  • 15:54 – Building deeper layers of self-insight
  • 20:06 – The Heathrow Airport example
  • 22:02 – Colin opens up about a breakdown he experienced when he was thirty
  • 29:20 – The important role mentors have played in Colin’s personal and professional development
  • 31:42 – Why we must create a playground atmosphere at work
  • 38:06 – Colin recalls a situation where he was compelled to exercise courage
  • 41:07 – How Colin defines a tough conversation
  • 44:12 – Advice Colin would give to his twenty-five-year-old self
  • 45:26 – The two insights Colin values above all else
  • 46:30 – Final words of wisdom from Colin

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