Possibilities Thinking in Executive Leadership with John Church

“The status quo is always going to be the result of entropy and inertia, unless somebody takes action to do something remarkably different.”

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Episode Summary

John Church is a visionary leader who has had an extraordinary career at General Mills, one of the most admired companies in the world. John is an incredibly insightful Executive because he brings this rare capacity to integrate the four zones of executive leadership: the strategy, the operation, the people, and the numbers. He’s able to go deep and integrate those dimensions to play the holistic game of leadership. Today, Aviv and John explore leading through crisis, vulnerability, accountability, and the shifting paradigm of the global workplace.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 01:05 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, John Church who speaks to the joys of retirement and his uncanny ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • 04:57 – John shares how General Mills successfully navigated the world-changing event of the pandemic
  • 16:50 – Best practices and protocols that enabled John and his team to succeed
  • 19:40 – Managing the human side of leadership during a crisis
  • 23:36 – A shifting paradigm
  • 30:47 – The concept of ‘Possibilities Thinking’
  • 37:12 – John’s career origin story
  • 48:13 – Vulnerability in leadership
  • 54:33 – The key principles that guide John’s mentoring practices
  • 56:58 – Three final inquiries from Aviv
  • 1:00:54 – Final words of wisdom from John

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