“Recognition has been the best kept secret in the corporate world as managers have typically relied on monetary rewards to entice their people to achieve desired results.”

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Episode Summary

The importance of recognition in a workplace cannot be understated. Recognition is the most underutilized organizational currency and yet, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost morale, increase retention and enable interpersonal connections. In this episode, Aviv expounds on the many ways recognition can bring an organizational mindset from scarcity to abundance and from uncertainty to confidence. Finally, Aviv provides multiple low-cost tips and strategies on how organizations can make their team members feel valued and recognized.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:47 – Aviv reflects on a recent leadership workshop where recognition became a key topic of discussion
  • 02:38 – Aviv differentiates between recognition and reward
  • 04:11 – Aviv expounds on the nine reasons that recognition is a vital organizational currency
  • 06:43 – Five insights Aviv gleaned from his discussion on recognition at his client’s leadership workshop and six examples of behaviors and qualities deserving of recognition
  • 11:06 – Aviv provides multiple low-cost options to offer recognition throughout your organization
  • 14:16 – Aviv summarizes his final thoughts on recognition

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