Resonating as a Leader with Tom Chiarella

“Managers are appointed but leaders are elected. You choose the person you want to follow. You’re told who your manager is but in terms of the people you want to emulate and admire, that’s all choice.”

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Episode Summary

Tom Chiarella is the CEO and Founder of Resonance AI, an organization that identifies the building blocks of their clients’ content and tells them, simply, what worked. Tom has had a lifelong passion for technology, great product design and for building innovative businesses. Tom was also the co-founder and Chief Executive of Questra. He has since been involved with eight venture-backed startups as investor, advisor and/or board member. Before that, he led projects at companies like General Electric and Xerox.

In this episode, Tom and Aviv engage in a rich discussion on Tom’s entrepreneurial journey, artificial intelligence and lessons in leadership. Tom speaks to the incredible work he’s doing at Resonance AI and the mentors who have been critical along the way. They talk about the complex functionalities that AI is attempting and close to solving. Tom lists some of the critical insights he has gleaned as a leader, provides advice for his younger self and details the insights he values above all else.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:48 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Tom Chiarella who shares what he enjoys the most about his work and why and the problems that Resonance AI is trying to solve
  • 11:34 – Who are Resonance AI’s customers?
  • 13:41 – The three ‘Power’ scores: Drawing, Holding and Staying
  • 16:21 – Complex functionalities that AI is close to solving
  • 21:34 – Tom speaks to the incredible work they’re doing at Resonance AI
  • 25:41 – Tom’s entrepreneurial origin journey
  • 31:22 – Mentors who have impacted Tom throughout his career
  • 35:45 – The road to co-founding a company
  • 38:38 – Key lessons Tom learned from his time at Questra
  • 42:49 – Critical insights Tom has gleaned as a leader
  • 50:48 – Advice Tom would give to his twenty-five year old self
  • 52:15 – The two insights Tom values above all else
  • 53:27 – Final words of wisdom from Tom

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