Solving Tough Problems with Court Lorenzini, Grant Canary, & Bryce Bennett

“I look at entrepreneurs, particularly founder-inclined people, like modern day superheroes. They are the people that are responsible for taking on the biggest challenges, with the longest, toughest odds, and overcoming incredible obstacles. And if and when they’re successful, they’re likely to change the world.”

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Episode Summary

Today, we’re exploring how the future reveals itself through creative and innovative business leaders. This is a fantastically disruptive and transformative time. Global institutions and many large businesses have lost credibility and are no longer trusted. So, how can difficult social, environmental, and ecological challenges be solved? Join Aviv Shahar as he engages in a meaningful discussion with Court Lorenzini (Founder of Docusign), Grant Canary (CEO of DroneSeed) and Bryce Bennet (CEO & Co-Founder of Solo), three entrepreneurs who have worked on the cutting edge of solving difficult problems.

Essential Learning Points:

  • [00:30] – Aviv introduces today’s guests, Court Lorenzini, Grant Canary, & Bryce Bennett, who join the show to expound on today’s topic: Solving Tough Problems
  • [05:45] – The origin story of DroneSeed and Grant’s entrepreneurial journey
  • [14:28] – Bryce shares the inspiration behind Solo and the work they are doing to help people in the Gig Economy
  • [22:06] – A particularly gratifying moment for Bryce and the Solo team
  • [25:01] – Entrepreneurialism, Authoritarianism, and Coalescence
  • [35:19] – Grant reflects back on the moment he realized how important it was to combat climate change
  • [37:18] – Bryce reflects on his passion for making an impact
  • [39:53] – Court’s extraordinary upbringing and his introduction to entrepreneurship and leadership
  • [45:41] – Bryce, Grant & Court share key learnings from their varied experiences
  • [53:17] – Advice Bryce, Grant & Court would give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark on this world and solve some of our most difficult problems

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