The Art of Storytelling: How to Effectively Leverage Stories with Mark Carpenter

“Great storytellers find stories everywhere. And what I mean by that is they can take the simplest things and turn them into powerful and effective stories to teach key principles. So, here’s a story about how somebody changed the world. Now I want you to change the world. It can be just a simple day-to-day change that can lead to a change in behavior that you really want.”

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Episode Summary

Mark Carpenter is a speaker, consultant, serial storyteller and the author of Master Storytelling: How to Turn Your Experiences into Stories that Teach, Lead, and Inspire. Mark’s passion is in helping others achieve more of their potential through perspective and guidance. Today, Aviv and Mark engage in a rich discussion on the power of storytelling and break down the three key elements of any great story. Mark provides advice and best practices for honing your storytelling skills and expounds on the stories we, as a society, must develop to highlight the human condition. 

Essential Learning Points:

  • [00:57] – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Mark Carpenter who shares what he enjoys most about storytelling and the power of connecting through stories
  • [06:05] – Where Mark’s passion for storytelling arose
  • [07:23] – What we don’t understand about stories and the three biggest mistakes people make when telling stories
  • [12:23] – Aviv and Mark engage in an exercise to provide the three major components of a story
  • [17:35] – What an effective story and storyteller looks like
  • [24:39] – Why adults and children listen to stories similarly
  • [27:28] – Why Conflict is key
  • [30:08] – Three steps of crafting and delivering a great story
  • [35:48] – Aviv and Mark speak to the critical stories about the human condition that we must be developing
  • [39:16] – Final words of wisdom from Mark

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