The Capacity to Lead with Astrid Hartmann – Episode 61

“Momentum is not merely tactical. It is strategic because it builds its own dynamic propulsion.”

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Episode Summary

Astrid Hartmann is the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Lufthansa Global Business Services, an organization that manages the finance, HR, revenue accounting and procurement globally for all of Lufthansa Group companies. She previously held multiple senior management positions at Hewlett-Packard. During her time at Lufthansa, Astrid has driven tremendous revenue growth, infused performance and improvement culture and dramatically improved customer satisfaction. Astrid is a smart and curious executive who creates infectious energy through her ability to mobilize large-scale change and motivate her teams to exceed their objectives.

In this episode, Aviv and Astrid discuss Astrid’s journey to executive leadership positions within top performing global companies. She reflects on how she approaches challenges as well as her views on leadership. Aviv and Astrid also talk passionately about the current state of women in business and the strides that must still occur. Astrid speaks to the importance of delegating as it pertains to effective leadership. Finally, Aviv stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with the best talent, developing a shared vision for the future, and building strategic momentum.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:57 – Introducing today’s guest, Astrid Hartmann
  • 03:18 – Astrid talks about the recent vacation she took
  • 06:13 – What Astrid enjoys most about her current role at Lufthansa
  • 07:48 – Answering to the board of directors
  • 08:35 – How Astrid approaches large challenges
  • 12:38 – Recapping the two guiding principles Astrid utilizes
  • 13:54 – Additional learnings Astrid has harvested throughout her journey
  • 16:36 – Defining the ambiguous and working cross-functionally
  • 19:45 – Astrid expands on her philosophy on change
  • 22:03 – Refusing to compromise on quality
  • 24:01 – What inspired Astrid growing up
  • 26:15 – Astrid recalls the moment the Berlin Wall came down
  • 29:53 – Travelling outside of East Berlin
  • 31:43 – How the fall of the Berlin Wall represented a formative moment in Astrid’s life and career
  • 35:07 – Astrid describes her journey to discover her business strengths
  • 38:03 – Working at Hewlett-Packard
  • 42:54 – Luck isn’t always what it appears
  • 45:58 – Astrid delineates some formative insights about leadership she is currently developing
  • 48:24 – Astrid shares another leadership lesson she learned from her mother
  • 50:53 – Astrid shares her thoughts on women in leadership
  • 54:56 – How Astrid handled herself as a woman in business
  • 58:39 – Advice Astrid would give to her younger self
  • 59:47 – The importance of the capacity to think for yourself and the capacity to lead others
  • 1:01:10 – Parting words of wisdom from Astrid
  • 1:02:33 – Now it’s your turn, surround yourself with top talent, develop a shared vision for the future, and build momentum

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