The Five Meditations – Part 1

“Meditation practices have the power to transform the topography of your brain, and thereby your experience, by applying awareness and attention to the pathways you choose to focus on.”

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Episode Summary

Meditation practices have guided Aviv through challenging events, where he simply was not sure how he would find the courage or strength to pull off the demanding tests he faced. By applying these practices, Aviv hopes that listeners can become more centered, improve mental and overall health, and guide personal and professional endeavors to achieve extraordinary results.

In this episode, Aviv expounds on the first two meditation practices – Mindfulness and Interior Printing – and provides actionable advice on how to implement both into your daily lives. By following these processes Aviv argues that listeners can achieve extraordinary results and shape the futures to which they aspire.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:48 – Aviv introduces Part One of a series entitled, The Five Meditations
  • 04:46 – Aviv analyzes the first meditation practice, Mindfulness
  • 08:18 – Aviv pivots to the second meditation practice, Interior Printing
  • 12:43 – Now it’s your turn, identify and name thoughts, pictures, and feelings to become present and mindfully aware, and apply interior printing to catalyze a desired condition and experience and to shape the future to which you aspire

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