The Five Meditations – Part 2

“Consider Exterior Printing to be a servant leadership practice that’s propelled by deep care, love and devotion.”

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Episode Summary

Meditation practices have guided Aviv through challenging events, where he simply was not sure how he would find the courage or strength to pull off the demanding tests he faced. By sharing these practices, Aviv invites listeners to discover the profound impact of these techniques and unlock their ability to improve every aspect of their personal, relational, and professional pursuits.

In this Part Two, Aviv addresses the third meditative practice that has helped him navigate challenging and creative experiences. This practice, known as Exterior Printing, is one that can provide you with strength, healing, resolve power, forgiveness, well-being and connection to purpose.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:54 – Aviv continues his discussion of The Five Meditations in this episode, Part Two of this series
  • 02:57 – Aviv speaks to the value of the third meditation practice, Exterior Printing
  • 08:12 – Aviv details the Wow Multiplier Phenomenon
  • 09:47 – Now it’s your turn, identify ways to help your teams create Wow experiences, develop your reflective and meditative practices to help you shape processes and create new differentiated outcomes

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