The Measures of a Life Well Lived

 The Measures of a Life Well Lived

“Anxious preoccupation with the “what will happen next” is a dangerous conditioning that detracts from the ability to appreciate the current moment and be fully present right here, right now.”

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Episode Summary

In this episode, I identify six attributes which make up the framework I use to best answer the question, “What are the measures of a life well-lived”.

Essential Learning Points:

  • [01:07] – How this question activated a practice I use to this day, both with myself, and my clients
  • [02:30] – The definition of a framing question
  • [05:30] – #1) The 6 ways one can be intact, along with clarifying questions
  • [06:40] – #2) What it means to be present.
  • [08:00] – #3) The importance of learning and growing
  • [09:20] – #4) Understanding the significance of contribution
  • [10:38] – #5) The many meanings of love and how best to apply it in the context of this question.
  • [13:18] – #6) Why understanding purpose is an important part of this framework
  • [14:18] – How to apply this framework in your life.

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