The Multifaceted Human & Six Dimensions of the Coronavirus Event

“A central element of leading through times of change is mapping and framing the set of challenges and opportunities in front of you.”

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Episode Summary

It has become clear that the global coronavirus pandemic crisis will have a multifaceted impact on humanity. From its economic and geo-political impact to the profound social effects, coronavirus is changing our lives as individuals as well as society in general.

In this episode, Aviv breaks down the six dimensions of the coronavirus effect on our society. Aviv attempts to combine his pragmatic coaching experience with his metaphysical and spiritual inquiry to focus on the effects of this unprecedented global event as it continues to unfold. Finally, he provides tips and strategies on how we can all step into the development opportunities created by this crisis.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:43 – Introducing today’s topic, The Multifaceted Human & Six Dimensions of the Coronavirus Event
  • 06:33 – The six dimensions of the coronavirus effect
  • 06:56 – The first and second dimensions
  • 08:39 – The third dimension
  • 09:47 – The fourth dimension
  • 13:45 – The fifth dimension
  • 15:24 – The sixth dimension
  • 17:37 – Aviv reflects on the far-reaching impact that coronavirus may have on our society moving forward

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