The New Hiring Criterion

“Experienced executives know firsthand that hiring choices can be the difference between a struggling organization and one that thrives.”

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Aviv describes the shift in mindset that successful organizations are undergoing to meet their hiring needs. Aviv poses the eternal question, ‘What business are you in?’ and argues that an organization’s response to this question defines its ability to achieve its desired future. Aviv touches also on the value of culture, accountability, and organizational readiness. Finally, Aviv provides some sage advice for fostering a future-ready organization and sustaining a learning culture.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:48 – Introducing today’s topic, The New Hiring Criterion
  • 01:23 – Aviv proposes that changing one key hiring criterion will have a dramatic impact on whether your company thrives or merely survives
  • 01:27 – Aviv speaks to a strategy workshop he recently led with senior development teams
  • 02:15 – The Learning Zone
  • 04:40 – Five Inquiries to elevate discussion
  • 05:37 – The importance and impact of having sound hiring criterion
  • 06:12 – How gaining clarity of organizational purpose can help in the hiring process
  • 07:52 – Comparing the old hiring criterion to the new hiring criterion
  • 08:17 – Why innovation is not a solo job
  • 09:04 – Now it’s your turn, foster a future-ready organization by hiring passionate learners, build a coaching environment where people learn together, and sustain this learning culture

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