The Physics of Creating a New Organizational Future

“There is something deeply human about the aspiration to shape and create a more desirable future. Developing and activating a shared vision unleashes hope, novelty and collaborative human imagination and unlocks organizational potential energy.”

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Episode Summary

What are the insights that propel the Create New Futures methodology? This was the framing question Aviv recently asked a Silicon Valley leadership team. Today, Aviv shares and reflects on two great insights that shaped his approach to creating new futures. Aviv dives deep into organizational potential energy and expounds on the concept of currency of leadership. Finally, Aviv provides the actionable advice he shared with the leadership team he worked with. He stresses that in order to unlock the greatest creativity and inspiration, it is critical to engage people in creating and shaping their own future. And to apply the currency of leadership, you must initiate a series of inquiry-based conversations designed to mobilize actions that produce results.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:46 – Aviv introduces today’s topic, The Physics of Creating a New Organizational Future
  • 01:22 – Aviv reflects on a recent project he worked on for a VP of a Silicon Valley organization
  • 03:35 – Aviv recalls the framing questions he posed during this endeavor
  • 05:07 – Aviv defines organizational potential energy
  • 06:53 – Aviv expounds on the concept of the currency of leadership
  • 09:04 – Aviv asserts three game changing points about leadership
  • 10:48 – Aviv concludes by sharing the insights he communicated to the Silicon Valley VP about unlocking creativity and inspiration and applying the currency of leadership
  • 12:14 – Now it’s your turn, use these insights to build the potential and kinetic energy of your team and create a new organizational future

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