The Power of Purpose with Steven Morris

“Purpose is a fusion between the pursuance of our curiosities, or our passions, and the living of the exploration of those things at the same time. You really can’t intellectualize purpose. You actually have to feel and behave your way in and through it.”

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Episode Summary

Steven Morris is a Brand and Culture Advisor and Speaker and the author of The Beautiful Business. He partners with business leaders to mine, articulate and activate the unique belief systems to create organizational integrity, connected cultures and evolved brands. Today, Aviv and Steven embark on a rich exploration on purpose, and the creativity of people. Steven speaks to the inspiration that guided and continues to guide his work. They dissect Steven’s long held mantra, ‘There is nothing more powerful than a united group of souls ignited in a common cause with love at the core.’ Finally, Aviv and Steven expound on the examination of life and reflect on Mary Oliver’s query, ‘What is it you intend to do with this one wild and precious life?’

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:59 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Steven Morris who shares the inspiration behind his signature mantra, ‘There is nothing more powerful than a united group of souls ignited in a common cause with love at the core’
  • 08:43 – Steven defines the business he is currently in
  • 11:23 – Reframing ‘businesspeople’ as creatives
  • 15:28 – Steven talks about his book, The Beautiful Business
  • 18:26 – A sense of agency and Steven’s purpose journey
  • 27:57 – Discovering purpose and how Steven’s purpose exploration impacted how he approaches business
  • 34:52 – A critical lesson in entrepreneurship
  • 43:16 – An identity unravelling
  • 47:43 – Steven opens up about insights from his own personal discovery process
  • 52:41 – The continual examination of life
  • 58:51 – The Great Resignation
  • 1:04:15 – The globalization of our society
  • 1:07:07 – Questions Steven hopes business leaders start to ask after reading his book
  • 1:15:41 – Parting words of wisdom from Steven

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