The Science of Purpose at Work with Aaron Hurst

“Relationships are the most important part of life and work.”

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Episode Summary

Aaron Hurst is the CEO and co-founder of Imperative, a peer-coaching platform that unlocks the power of peers to support and help each other become increasingly more effective and fulfilled. Aaron is an expert on the science of purpose at work and the author of The Purpose Economy. As the founder of the Taproot Foundation, Aaron catalyzed the $15 billion pro bono service market. He has written for or been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg TV, Fast Company and was named a LinkedIn Influencer

In this episode, Aaron and Aviv engage in a dialogue on the inquiry of purpose. Aaron breaks down the different distinctions between purpose, meaning and fulfillment and shares best practices for cultivating a purpose mindset. Aviv and Aaron examine the idea that learning and thriving at work is contingent on engaging in meaningful dialogue and fostering robust relationships. Finally, Aaron speculates on the future of work and how it will change in the coming decades to give workers more autonomy and more connection opportunities.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:51 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Aaron Hurst who shares what he enjoys the most about his work and why and the inspiration to launch the Taproot Foundation
  • 08:50 – The insight that catalyzed Imperative
  • 12:09 – Core principles of Purpose Inquiry and Discovery
  • 15:08 – Purpose, meaning and fulfillment and the significance of happiness and joy
  • 20:26 – Cultivating a purpose mindset and the religious and spiritual aspects of purpose
  • 23:04 – The peer coaching process explained
  • 29:12 – Imperative’s business model
  • 31:53 – Promoting and encouraging authenticity
  • 33:01 – Aaron speaks to how he’s been changed through the experience of launching Imperative
  • 34:49 – Aaron’s entrepreneurial origin journey
  • 39:51 – Aaron’s creative process
  • 44:11 – Aaron speculates on how the world of work will change in the coming decade
  • 46:35 – How to address gaps in purpose and connection
  • 56:08 – Advice Aaron would give to his twenty-five-year-old self
  • 56:58 – The two insights Aaron values above all else
  • 57:58 – Final words of wisdom from Aaron

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