The Six Failures

“By choosing to do what’s right when no one is watching and when there is no immediate gain, I fortify my spirit, build a sense of self-authorship, and claim higher moral ground for me, free of the opinions of others.”

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Aviv reflects on the idea that failure oftentimes can be a great teacher. He identifies and analyzes six categories of failure. These include failure to achieve a goal, failure to apply learning, failure to be present, failure to recognize opportunities, failure to hold on to your own values and morals, and failure to forgive. Finally, he expounds on the ways in which learning from failure can catalyze change and help create new futures.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:58 – Introducing today’s topic, how failure can be a teacher and catalyze development and growth
  • 01:19 – Aviv identifies six categories of failure
  • 02:03 – Category One: Failure to achieve a goal or reach a target
  • 03:41 – Category Two: Failure to apply learning
  • 07:04 – Category Three: Failure to be present
  • 07:53 – Category Four: Failure to recognize and respond to opportunities
  • 08:42 – Category Five: Failure to hold on to your own values, morals, and sense of integrity
  • 10:13 – Category Six: Failure to forgive
  • 11:17 – Now it’s your turn, reflect on your failures in order to transform them into learning and growth

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