The Stories We Create with Yair Assulin

“What is happening in the world is not the important part. What is important is the meaning that we give to what is happening. It’s not about the world, it’s about the way we see the world.”

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Episode Summary

Yair Assulin is an award-winning author and thinker who writes a weekly analytical column for one of Israel’s leading newspapers, Haaretz, and hosts a radio show at the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation covering the fields of culture, business, politics, and society. In recent years, much of his public writing has focused on the development of a new political and business philosophy based on his ideas about “The Century of How,” and “The End of the Age of Politics,” in order to create a vivid ethos to societies and companies in this broken time of the technological revolution.

Today, Aviv and Yair engage in a meaningful dialogue centered on a major shift that is underway in humanity and consciousness, which Yair describes as living in the subjective story we tell ourselves about our reality and the world around us. Yair suggests that the story we’re telling ourselves is no longer the right story and doesn’t reflect reality. Aviv and Yair touch on this idea and how seminal events such as the Industrial Revolution, the discovery of America and the latest technological advances in our society have impacted our world and, most importantly, our story.

Essential Learning Points:

  • [01:05] – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Yair Assulin who shares the fundamental shift in mind and heart that he believes needs to occur in our world
  • [08:38] – The impact the Industrial Revolution had on the rise of the ‘Nation State’
  • [12:28] – The Century of the ‘How’ and the Century of the ‘What’
  • [17:41] – The need to create new language and a new story in order to evolve and move forward
  • [23:15] – Characteristics of people who are able to lead by changing consciousness
  • [26:28] – The discovery of America metaphor
  • [31:13] – Yair speculates on the future of the ‘State’ and trends he’s observed over the past few years
  • [36:49] – The fundamental changes to consciousness, space, and time
  • [41:08] – Yair reflects on his own personal journey and shares what he’s learned
  • [47:58] – The fight for freedom and individualism
  • [50:37] – Yair provides his thoughts on totalitarian China
  • [56:40] – The distinction between technological and conceptual enterprise
  • [57:14] – What the spiritual realm means to Yair
  • [1:03:07] – What Yair hopes to be writing about five to ten years into the future
  • [1:06:57] – Are we currently in a Revolutionary Age or a Transformation Age

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