The Three Mindsets & Your Biggest Choice Ever

The Three Mindsets & Your Biggest Choice Ever

“Choosing to take personal responsibility is the most pivotal decision you and I can make.”

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Aviv analyzes the three major mindsets and pinpoints how they influence our leadership abilities. These include the mindsets of ‘what’s wrong,’ ‘what works,’ and ‘what matters.’ In identifying these mindsets, Aviv suggests that the second and third mindsets provide a path to multiple blessings and positive energy. They empower us to participate in shaping and creating our own future. Aviv speaks to the pivotal nature of choosing to take personal responsibility. He suggests that the most important choice we can make is to let go of the preoccupation of ‘what’s wrong’ in favor of focusing on ‘what works.’ Finally, Aviv provides seven steps we all can implement in order to abandon the first mindset and apply the second and third mindsets to enrich our lives.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:53 – Introducing today’s topic, The Three Mindsets & Your Biggest Choice Ever
  • 01:11 – The Hewlett-Packard Leadership Summit Story
  • 02:34 – Aviv provides an alternative definition of ‘work’ in the context of this story
  • 04:23 – The Surprise Inquiry Method
  • 05:59 – How Aviv uses riddles as purposeful conversation portals
  • 07:20 – The Three Mindsets
  • 07:42 – The mindset of ‘What’s Wrong’
  • 08:12 – The mindset of ‘What Works’
  • 08:47 – The mindset of ‘What Matters’
  • 09:34 – Standing at the leadership crossroads
  • 10:52 – Converting from ‘what’s wrong’ to ‘what works’
  • 11:16 – The biggest choice we each can make
  • 11:28 – Converting from ‘what works’ to ‘what matters’
  • 11:36 – Seven ways you can apply the second and third mindsets

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