The Window of Opportunity Updated

“The opportunity landscape is not merely out there in the world; it always begins within us.”

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Episode Summary

Historians likely will look at 2020 as the year that initiated a multi-decade long transformation. As the effects of the global pandemic continue to be felt, many wonder when life will return to pre-pandemic ‘normal.’ However, most people recognize that there is no ‘back-to-normal’ path. Instead, there are opportunities to shape and create a new and thriving normalcy. In this episode, Aviv revisits the Window of Opportunity concept and urges listeners to consider the opportunities that are in front of them. Aviv expounds on the three components of the Opportunity Window Arc and speaks to what capabilities must be cultivated to respond in full when a window of opportunity opens.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:39 – Aviv introduces today’s topic, The Window of Opportunity
  • 02:17 – Aviv expounds on the definition of resilience and the Bounce Back and Bounce Forward mental models
  • 04:40 – How Aviv discovered the Window of Opportunity insight and its game changing power
  • 08:42 – Aviv shares how this realization shaped his approach to the development of his consulting practice
  • 09:58 – Aviv provides best practices for listeners to reflect on their own opportunity windows
  • 11:10 – Aviv analyzes the three components of the Opportunity Window Arc
  • 14:15 – Now it’s your turn, identify and embrace opportunities to allow yourself to grow and build your new futures

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