Towards a Life Well Lived with Tim Coats

“I found that what’s most important in life is connection and how we connect with life, because, after all, life isn’t about us; we’re about life.”

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Episode Summary

Tim Coats is a former Executive at General Mills. After he retired, Tim started publishing a blog entitled, ‘Towards a Life Well Lived,’ where he reflects on the art of increasing joy, meaning and belonging in daily living. Today, Aviv and Tim explore his thoughts and reflections on work, purpose and life’s journey. Tim reflects on what it means to live a life well lived and touches on The Four Principles: Balance, Awareness, Practice and Wisdom. Tim provides his thoughts on authenticity, balancing spirituality and the power of ‘We.’ Finally, Aviv and Tim share their beliefs on the journey of self-discovery.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 01:02 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Tim Coats who shares his background and what brings him energy and joy these days
  • 03:02 – A closet philosopher and mystic flying under the cover of a corporate executive
  • 06:08 – Bringing philosophical tendencies to corporate America
  • 09:14 – The power of ‘We’
  • 11:08 – The inquiry that Tim initially set out to answer when he launched his blog
  • 13:54 – Defining ‘A Life Well Lived’ and the two broad categories of people
  • 16:27 – The journey of finding meaning
  • 20:23 – Three of Tim’s contemplative practices
  • 24:42 – The Four Principles: Balance, Awareness, Practice and Wisdom
  • 30:26 – Tim speaks to the idea of belonging and the Five Energies of Life
  • 37:04 – Being accepted for your own authentic self
  • 41:09 – Be the best, look both ways, help others succeed
  • 52:05 – The peace that proceeds challenge
  • 56:16 – The critical phase in every development journe
  • 1:07:03 – The God Test

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