Value Defined Work

“The ability to create new futures requires that we change our paradigms from those that no longer serve us well to those that open the door to exciting breakthroughs.”

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Aviv reflects on the paradigm shift from a structure-first to a value-first model. Aviv notes that, in the former outdated model, the flow moves from structure to work and from work to value indicating that structure defines work and the work defines value. However, in this new model, which is centered on value, the flow has been reversed and is now initiated by the opportunity to create value. Finally, Aviv poses an intriguing thought experiment and leaves the audience with some sage advice. He urges them to talk to members of their organizations in order to decipher whether their activities are based on structure or value.

Essential Learning Points:

  • 00:58 – Introducing today’s topic, Value Defined Work and the New Paradigm
  • 02:13 – Facilitating the shift from a structure first to a value first mindset
  • 04:47 – The new value-first model
  • 06:10 – Why startups represent a great example of value-centered work
  • 07:29 – Aviv talks about the evolution of the work he does as a consultant
  • 08:21 – An intriguing thought experiment
  • 10:33 – Now it’s your turn, lead your team by focusing on outcome based activities and working backward from the desired future you’re working to create

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