What Do the Best Sales People Do with Faiza Hughell – Episode 16

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“People mostly have the answer within them. The job of the leader is to help them find these answers.”

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Episode Summary

Faiza Hughell is the Vice President of Sales at Ring Central. With more than 20 years of inside sales experience her passion and talent lies in building, training, scaling, and motivating successful sales teams. Faiza started in the software as a service world from a very young age and has sold SaaS solutions ever since that time. Faiza was part of the WebEx winning team and at Ring Central she leads the small to medium business program globally.

In this conversation I ask Faiza about the traits of successful sales people, women in leadership roles in Silicon Valley, and much, much more.

Essential Learning Points:

  • “There is a lot of problem-solving inside the sales process. It takes a tenacious person, who is open to learn, someone who is self-aware,focused, determined, and driven.”
  • Be grounded in the presence of what you have instead of the absence of what you don’t have. Find abundance in what’s already present.
  • People mostly have the answer within them. The job of the leader is to help them find these answers.
  • The most successful sales people have a natural business acumen, fire in their belly, passion to succeed and do great things, and they have a passion to help others, and impact others positively. They are open to new learning, they are conversational and build relationships quickly, most importantly, they are focused on themselves and not on the comparison to others.
  • The best sales people handle rejection through confidence and resilience, and most importantly, by seeking to understand why the rejection took place, and why the customer chose to engage another provider.
  • Women that excel in leadership roles in the Silicon Valley are organized, hardworking, tenacious, and causative. More importantly they empower themselves to compete regardless of who else is on the playing field. They are strong communicators. They see opportunities and tackle them, and they are eager to see others succeed and help them realize their potential.

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