Your Three Jobs

Your Three Jobs

“To realize your opportunities and create the future you imagine, all of your team members must recognize that they each have three jobs, not just one.”

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Episode Summary

In this episode, I focus on the three jobs that leaders and their team members must take up in order for a business to realize their opportunities, create a transformative future, and achieve an ambitious business strategy.

Essential Learning Points:

  • [02:22] – The three jobs done by employees of the most successful companies
  • [03:59] – How teams accomplish jobs one and two at exemplary levels
  • [04:49] – What is included in job three
  • [05:22] – Some questions to reflect on in job three and formulate your response and action plan
  • [07:19] – An imaginative exercise to connect the dots between jobs one, two, and three
  • [08:40] – One of the best ways to build the necessary passion and commitment to do the work of job three in yourself and your team members

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One thought on “Your Three Jobs

  1. Excellent podcast, Aviv. I’m taking it straight in to our 2nd quarter execution. Thank you! “Dive and catch” is VERY PRESENT in our business and we easily allow it to have a seat at every meeting. We will be re-defining this to lessen its power and raise our awareness around it .

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