What is your greatest asset? Who holds the key to your organization’s future?

It was a late Friday when the phone rang. I recognized the voice immediately. We had worked with Pete earlier in the year. Pete enjoyed our collaboration, it delivered exceptional results and helped his team coalesce and accelerate growth. He was a diligent and successful executive, known for getting things done and for his commitment to his people. He sounded concerned and urgent.

Pete: “Some of our best managers are exhausted, worn out. I am afraid we are going to lose a few great people.”

Me: “What’s going on? Why do you feel that you are going to lose good people?”

Pete: “I don’t know. I am not even sure who might be leaving. It’s been tough. They have all been working very hard. I just get the sense of burn out. Frankly, I cannot afford to lose my top managers.”

Pete continued and we explored together what was going on. We focused on the struggle of the leadership team in the challenging business environment.

Me: “How can I help?”

Pete: “If you can help us create a strategy that will retain our key people; encourage a sense of renewal and fresh commitment and find a way to help us re-energize full engagement of our team it would be huge. It will help us achieve our numbers. Not only will we save a lot of money on searching and replacing key managers, it will keep our talent here rather than with our competitors. It takes 12 to 18 months to replace an exceptional performer. That is if you are lucky.”

Pete asked that we design an effective talent retention and development program. He wanted to make sure his top people, the managers with exceptional talent get the best there is – a powerful development program with high energy and a fun experience. “We need to develop our vision, build the strength of our culture, cultivate impactful leadership and help our people in their personal growth.”

“And you want the ribs and the thirteen layer chocolate cake too?” We had a good laugh and agreed on next steps. A few weeks later we met with a top talent group to begin to learn and practice the Emerald Keys.

The ROI was phenomenal. Pete had successfully rallied his teams to exceed their objectives. Managers coached each other and improved retention throughout the organization. In tough times many executives freeze. Pete realized that uncertain environment presented opportunities. He made a critical decision to invest in his people and got his return. A new momentum was created. His teams moved to execute the strategy with energy and focus. Accelerated growth followed.

In times of challenge, your greatest and most essential assets are your top talent. These high potentials help you bounce back from setbacks and produce breakthrough ideas and innovations. They deliver results, make the impossible possible, and create your organization’s future. As a leader there is no greater return on investment than developing your top talent and nurturing new leaders. The ROI comes in huge multiples. Happy and energized managers produce fully engaged teams, attract great clients and accelerate your business growth.

What is the leader’s blind spot?
It is taking your high performers and top talents for granted. Assuming they will always be there – assuming they will always deliver for you and that you do not need to invest back in them. It is the biggest mistake executives make and eventually regret.

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The Emerald Keys are a set of principles and core beliefs tested and proven by exceptionally successful people. Through the study and practice of these keys you find your sweet spot, realize your greater capacities and attract to yourself the inner harmonies of success in life and at work.

© Aviv Shahar