Successful leaders know that their employees are their greatest asset. Who are the people who hold the keys to the future of your organization?

Your Top Talent! They are ready to open new doors for your company’s future. Your High Potentials hold the greatest promise for accelerated growth and development.

Case Study
The challenge – Improve employee engagement, collaboration and innovation
A global supply chain organization found that low employee engagement and poor morale were adversely affecting collaboration and business results. They asked Aviv Consulting to:
1) develop a “change strategy” to improve engagement and collaboration, and build trust; and
2) foster innovative practices to strengthen productivity and competitiveness.

What we did
We engaged the senior team in a series of workshops to sculpt the organizational values and vision, and improve communication and cohesion within the team. We then developed a proprietary ‘train the trainer’ program and licensed it to the organization.

A dramatic increase in employee engagement, significant improvement in effectiveness, and accelerated problem solving enabled the organization to exceed its business objectives in the next three years.

High Potentials consist of two top talent groups:

  1. The non-management high-potentials are promising individuals with relatively little work or career experience who stand out in their abilities, talents and commitment. (Blue Belt)
  2. The management high-potentials are individuals who have broad and lengthy experience and are in line to join the senior leadership team. (Silver Belt)

These two groups hold the keys to your growth. Unlock their potential and they drive your organization’s performance to new heights. Companies focused on creating a legacy of success invest in their future leaders and key employees. By nurturing these employees, the organization is able to:

  • Retain top talent
  • Create management and leadership depth
  • Cultivate a network of high achievers
  • Focus on the company’s needs and future vision
  • Promote a culture of initiatives, innovation and high collaboration
Since Blue Belt 1 I have thought everyday about my purpose and how I can better apply it at work. It has had a tangible effect on who I am at work and the results I have been able to achieve. I think it would be a great benefit if everyone at HP ultimately takes this course. Blue Belt 2 has been an exciting and gratifying experience. I’ve learnt how to better communicate, which I will certainly apply. The value of the planning exercises cannot be over stated. It has been nothing less than life-altering.

Jay Khaira
Hewlett Packard Canada

Blue Belt development program for high potentials

Our Blue Belt program initially was developed for top talent groups in HP and has since been fielded in a number of organizations. The three legs of the program are:

  1. Action Learning projects on relevant business issues
  2. Mentoring with an experienced manager
  3. A series of leadership development seminars

The leadership development modules include:

Module 1: Leadership from the inside – create a values-based growth strategy
Module 2: Effective teamwork – leverage strengths and collaborate for success
Module 3: Coaching and feedback – develop breakthrough engagement
Module 4: Envision the future – create your roadmap and plan your future growth
Module 5: Personal effectiveness – Cultivate the 5 pathways to success
Module 6: Find your voice – speak authentically and communicate effectively
Module 7: The ETF secret- reduce stress and get the best return on your energy, time and focus

Very Powerful. Organizations and companies win because of how they connect and work together. This training will empower us to work closer and to reach greater heights. I recommend this class as part of any organizational coaching curriculum.

Mark Sanchez
Vice President and General Manager

Silver Belt development program of high potentials

Our Silver Belt program has the greatest impact when conducted as a series of retreat-style offsite meetings. Additional modules included in the silver belt program are:

Module 8: Influence for results – learn and apply the four modes of influencing
Module 9: The three pillars of trust – create a culture based on mutual respect and trust
Module 10: Leading through coaching – optimize every effort, resource and task
Module 11: Template for greatness – unleash the 3 propulsions of all great companies
Module 12: Master change – harness the steps of successful transformations

A very unique teaching methodology. The interaction and immediate application of the teachings left me with the guidance and tools I need to begin delivering on this course immediately in all areas of my life. To be able to accomplish that in a 3½ day retreat is a testament to this curriculum.

Brian Campkin
Business Manager
Hewlett-Packard Canada

Our programs consist of a set of modular workshops, which we customize to the specific needs of your organization. The program objective is to nurture your greatest asset by helping your top talent realize their strengths and potential for growth.