Self Management

“You cannot manage time – you can only manage yourself inside time.”

“You cannot direct the wind – you can only adjust your sails.”

Maintaining wellness and effectiveness are two outcomes of successfully managing oneself. In this module you create your whole-person-development™ plan and learn the seven steps of effective self-management.

How you will benefit:

  • Improve performance in all aspects of life
  • Bring “full engagement” to what you do
  • Find an inner compass by focusing on your passionate purpose and core values
  • Map a template of personal effectiveness and success
  • Understand the natures of the “Being Life” and the “Doing Life” and their balance
I was initially very skeptical that I would get any value from this week. I’m pleased to state that I was 100% wrong. I would absolutely recommend this course. Aviv, thank you for your tremendous sharing. The thought you put into your teaching and responses is most valuable and appreciated.

Bob Chambers
Manager, Volume Direct
Hewlett Packard Canada