Energy and Stress Management

In today’s high-intensity work environment, managing your energy, time and focus is the secret to success. You do not manage stress – you manage your energy, time and focus in ways that reduce stress and drive optimal effectiveness.

There are many systems within us that can suffer from overload. The overload is caused by treating ourselves as one bulk commodity instead of recognizing that we run on different levels of energies and multiple systems.

Discover effective technologies to manage and replenish your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. You will develop a process of reflection for increased well-being and fulfillment. These tools will help remove environmental stress factors and create supportive ecologies.

Participants will be able to:

  • Manage their multi-tasked lives effectively by tapping into their natural versatility
  • Reduce stress and replenish their energies quickly
  • Identify and address effectively the organizational and environmental causes of stress
  • Achieve peace and inner harmony that permit greater productivity
Aviv, thank you very much for your great facilitating. You help me realize more about myself, my shortcoming, and energized me to do something about it. Also, I thank you for helping our team come together in a way never experienced before. I’m sure we will go from strength to strength with confidence we didn’t have previously

Sam Hur
Global OPS