Teamwork Dynamics

The greatest beauty in the world is found in the coming together of diverse parts to form a greater whole. The essence of this is observed in nature as well as in great orchestras, sports teams, and breakthrough taskforces. The collective energy and intelligence that joins a team helps us all transcend ourselves and experience “bigger-than-life” miracles.

This module offers experiential discovery into team dynamics and the ten processes that make up a successful team. Learn to understand the strengths of yourself and others and how to bring them into collaborative harmony. Develop the art of powerful conversation to promote motivation and confirm the best initiatives in your team members.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify people’s capabilities and form a strategy of promoting their strengths
  • Handle multiple priorities with flexibility and ease
  • Align multiple priorities with flexibility and ease
  • Create a community of respect, trust and integrity
  • Increase productivity by harnessing team energy
Aviv has a diverse set of skills he harnesses to create value in the organizations he engages with. In my case, Aviv facilitated an executive management workshop focused on strategic planning. His methods help to focus conversations while at the same time including all of the voices in the room. Aviv is much more than a facilitator. He understands business, can come up to speed quickly on the challenges you are facing, and help your team come together, aiming at a common set of goals using his understanding and experience. Our team had a great experience with Aviv.

Chris Church