Are you eager to find new versatility and confidence?
Are you prepared to find your purpose and align on a shared vision?

Case Study
The challenge – Develop shared vision, alignment and priorities/

The Chief Learning Officer of a Fortune 50 company approached Aviv Consulting to design and deliver a leadership retreat for the senior learning and development team. The objective was to foster shared vision, create alignment and catalyze best practices, and deliver significant savings.

What we did

We designed and delivered a leadership retreat and facilitated a series of crucial conversations to help the team overcome conflicts and coalesce on strategy, best practices, priorities and methods.


The retreat helped the leadership team resolve conflicts and differences, and accelerate the implementation of the roadmap. They were able to deliver significant savings and exceed their business objectives.

If you are at an important juncture in your personal or professional life, going on a retreat may offer you the opportunity you need to reflect on what matters and ready yourself for your next move. Our retreats offer special learning experiences and an ecology that enables a balanced whole person growth and development.

Transformation means taking a journey into your core, to liberate a greater “can-do” freedom, intactness and authenticity. You are challenged to find a renewed sense of purpose and meaning and gain new insight into your “sweet spot,” where your strengths and passions converge. You interact, coach and are coached. You receive valuable feedback in an atmosphere of safety and trust that provides for a reflective journey of discovery and supports intense interaction with your peers.

Our transformational retreats create long lasting growth and development experiences. Participants tell us years later that articulating their own compelling vision with clarity and conviction had a decisive influence on what they were then able to do and achieve in their professional and personal life.

I never imagined in my wildest dreams the impact the seminar has and will continue to make in my professional and personal life. This type of retreat is what our institutional organizations are ready for and hopefully reaching out for.

Alyce Herrera
Berkeley National Labs
We customize retreats for executive teams, boards of directors, high potential managers and top talent groups. Our retreats include:

  • Self diagnostic and perception tools
  • Leadership lessons
  • Personal and teamwork tasks
  • Life-centering stories
  • Journaling and reflection
  • Energizing activities – indoors/natural settings
  • Experiential adventures
  • Feedback circles
  • Creativity and intuition enhancers
  • Contemplations and meditative walks
Last night we celebrated the building expansion of the Davis Waldorf School. A year ago at our annual Board/Faculty retreat, you helped us envision our needs. I wanted you to know that we realized them in under a year.

Our 25 year old school was in desperate need of additional classroom, office and gathering space. When we came into the weekend, it was not even a dream that we could have what we truly needed.

After our insightful work together looking at where we came from and our strengths and opportunities for growth, it became obvious that expansion was necessary. You asked me to sit in the middle of the group and make it happen. I didn’t think that I knew how to do that, but with your guidance I was able to inspire the group to take that most important first step.

Our work together truly transformed our campus and school. It now feels like we are a stable and mature school poised for the next level of our growth and development. Our 200+ children and families are benefiting daily from the work we did together on that August weekend just one year ago.

As the building ceremony was winding down, I realized that you were not thanked properly. Please allow me this opportunity to deliver a deep and heartfelt thank you for helping us reach our dreams.

Kelly Brewer
Davis Waldorf School