Creative Thinking

Leaders are constantly faced with challenges:

  • Can we simplify processes and improve performance?
  • What are the new frontiers and how can we gain a competitive advantage?
  • What are the ways to encourage a culture of initiative and innovation?

Thinking creatively is your key to opening new opportunities. In this module you learn about your 20-intelligences profile. You gain awareness about your learning inclinations and engage your intuitive capacities. We discuss the five main self-inhibitors and the way to overcome them to unlock innovation. We go beyond brainstorming and into mind-clustering™; we explore the key questions at the “five thinking elevations” and stretch our imaginations with “what if” and “why not” scenarios. This module is also about becoming the Chief Wisdom Officer of your own life.

How you will benefit:

  • Apply a strategy for optimization in everything you do to transform your results
  • Understand your multiple intelligences profile and accelerate your learning capacity
  • Learn to reframe your mindset to create new solutions
  • Discover the power of mind-clustering™ and collective intelligence to tap your creativity
  • Explore the power of stories, imagery and symbolic thinking to improve your versatility
This is a life changing experience. I learned the power of self discovery that can definitely help my life, my work, my family and beyond. No executive can claim to be complete without the kind of experience I gained by spending time with Aviv.

Louis Ma
Director of Business Development & Finance