Monthly Archives: March 2008

The Crackberry Addiction

It’s amazing and rather sad how new forms of addiction join the officially recognized list of addictions every year. We should all stop and ask – what does this picture tell us about the human condition? Why are so many people so out of balance? Are you addicted to your blackberry (crackberry)? Do you have an “involuntary habit” of checking your Smartphone every 64 seconds?...

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The KEY: The Secret of “Bull Markets” for Great Relationships and Renowned Customer Service

Dear Leader, In a recent leadership summit I asked the participants this question: What defines a ‘bull market’? As this was not a Wall Street firm the managers looked surprised and eventually someone said: “I thought we were in a leadership meeting not in a seminar about investing. What does a ‘bull market’ have to do with the leadership and personal development conversation we were...

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50 Percent Of Coaching Is Lost

50 percent of coaching insights and decisions that are not acted upon are lost within 24 hours. More than 80 percent of coaching insights and decisions are lost if not acted upon within 72 hours. The best time to act on your decision and take your insight forward is always now. Every insight and decision must be validated and confirmed in action. Insight is an...

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