Monthly Archives: April 2020

Collective Intelligence #2 – Mapping the Terrain of Collectives

In this episode, Aviv shares discoveries he has made throughout his career. He expounds on the three lenses of mapping the terrain of collectives: the content lens, the character lens, and the cause lens. Finally, Aviv offers a series of thought-provoking reflections on the inherent value of collective intelligence.

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A World That Just Might Work with Terrence McNally – Episode 85

In this episode, Terrence shares the passion that drives his work, what led him to these opportunities and the insights he developed by hosting his own podcast. Aviv and Terrence expound on the importance of big picture thinking, taking a long-term view of societal issues, and how each of us as individuals can play a larger role in changing the world.

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The Multifaceted Human & Six Dimensions of the Coronavirus Event

In this episode, Aviv breaks down the six dimensions of the coronavirus effect on our society. Aviv attempts to combine his pragmatic coaching experience with his metaphysical and spiritual inquiry to focus on the effects of this unprecedented global event as it continues to unfold. Finally, he provides tips and strategies on how we can all step into the development opportunities created by this crisis.

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