Monthly Archives: December 2019

My Letter to Talia

In this very special episode of Create New Futures, Aviv reads a letter he recently wrote to his granddaughter, Talia. Inspired by the birth of his granddaughter, Aviv is committed to pass along the wisdom and experience he’s gained throughout the course of his journey. In his letter, he outlines the three most important decisions he’s and the lessons that accompanied these. First, Aviv asserts his belief that life is purposeful. Next, he speaks to the need to embrace the challenge of being the author of your own destiny. And, finally, Aviv underscores why he decided to reverse the conventionally expected sequence of his journey. Aviv believes that Talia’s generation will rise to the occasion of solving some of the world’s most pressing issues. He encourages listeners to self-reflect and to write letters to future generations as well.

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Leading by Embracing Change with Colleen Soukup – Episode 75

In this episode, Aviv and Colleen reflect on her role at General Mills and what she enjoys most about her work. Colleen shares how she’s leveraged opportunities to grow and evolve as a leader and, specifically, as a CPO. Colleen talks glowingly about the culture at General Mills and the company’s commitment to always doing the right thing. She describes her early inspirations and how these impacted her approach to her career. Finally, Colleen expounds on the importance of community when it comes to building a high-intensity career and raising a family.

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