Monthly Archives: December 2009

Small Business Trends Radio Interview With Aviv Shahar

Anita Campbell and Small Business Trends Radio interviewed Aviv about The Peak Productivity Zone – The Most Important 120 Minutes of Your Day.  Aviv shares critical strategies to help you create your Peak Productivity Zone and realize your business and entrepreneurial potential. Click here to listen to Aviv’s full interview on Small Business Trends Radio (Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the...

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The Enlightenment Paradox & The “New Normal”

Utopian Views of enlightenment envisioned an empowered and knowledge-proliferated society that would become problem free. It turned out that the opposite is the case. Whether our post modern society is enlightened or not is arguable but what is clear is that a whole new set of difficult and complex problems have emerged. Problems that quickly mutate and then go viral. In a globalized inter-dependent and...

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The KEY: Acts of Kindness

As this year comes to a close and a new year and decade begin, we wish you all the good things you worked for and wish for yourself. Living is the greatest gift there is. There is no owner manual. You write your own as you proceed. We wish for you that the next chapter you write is as adventurous and fulfilling as you hope...

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