Monthly Archives: December 2013

A New Year and Three Books

Every success and accomplishment is made possible by many people. There is no success or accomplishment that begins and ends with only you. We all are successful because others enabled our efforts. There are those who trust us; those who challenge us to be better and more creative; those who give us a chance to grow; others who believe in us with no reservations; some...

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A Fortress of Courage

With Mandela’s passing a fortress of courage is gone. Therefore we must each be a little more courageous today–a little more Mandela. To Lead Is To Transform: When Nelson Mandela walked into the presidential palace for his first meeting with F.W. de Clerk he was still officially a prisoner. In fact he had been a prisoner for 26 years at that point. In his mind...

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Breakthrough Collaboration

Most of the companies we help have global teams. They need to collaborate across time zones, cultural differences, accent and language difficulties, and often across competing agendas. If they don’t collaborate they inhibit efficiency, curtail effectiveness and add significant cost to the company’s bottom line. In this Key you will discover the three critical elements that are absolutely essential to develop breakthrough collaboration. Read about...

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