Monthly Archives: July 2012

The KEY: The Corporate Epidemic – Stop the Hysteria!

Rob is a hard working manager. He is driven and has given his best to his company. He has been promoted because of the unique skillset he brings: technical engineering knowledge; passion for the customer; and effective people and presentation skills. By working hard in the trenches, Rob had climbed the ladder and taken on P&L responsibilities. Soon after taking a general manager role for...

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Top Pitfalls of Newly Promoted Executives

Here are 10 mistakes newly promoted executives make: Failure to realize you need to shift gears. You need to step back and reconfigure your world while you are accelerating to 180 miles an hour. Trying to keep your former peers as friends. You need to structure a series of individual and team conversations to build new ways of going forward and lead. Being too impressed...

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The LIBOR Higgs Connection

Connecting the dots and the kaleidoscoping art is a muscle I practice. I watch what appears on the canvas and wonder about the relationships between these seemingly unrelated data points. Connecting the dots, deciphering themes and applying these themes to your work is a critical component in developing your strategic innovation. On July 4th I noted an unusual occurrence. For many days prior to July...

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