Monthly Archives: July 2013

Time is not out there

Think about it: time is not out there on the clock or on your watch – time is in here, inside you. You are time. You are your time. No one else is your time. © Aviv Shahar

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What is Your Sweet Spot

Your sweet spot is the convergence of three spheres: your competence, your passion, and your preferred mode of action. © Aviv Shahar

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The Key: 10 Practices of Outstanding Professionals

I recently met with the Utrip team. Utrip is working to solve the travel planning challenge. They hope to remove the headache from exploring Paris, London and Rome and turn planning into an enjoyable experience of discovery. This is a challenge that Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak and Trip Advisor failed to solve. Imagine you have 10 days and you want to explore two or three cities...

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