Monthly Archives: November 2020

Leadership Development – The Fifth Approach

In this episode, Aviv analyzes the four generally recognized paths to leadership development and proposes a fifth approach. This approach was fashioned initially during a conversation with one of Aviv’s clients when they were five months into their trusted advisory work. Aviv reflects on this collaboration and delves deep into the four leadership development approaches, from skills and situations to outcomes and qualities. It is Aviv’s sincerest hope that you can unleash your potential by integrating these four modalities to create the fifth approach to leadership development.

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The Practice of Gratitude with Kerry Wekelo

In this episode, Aviv and Kerry explore the concepts of Culture Infusion and Gratitude Infusion. They delve deep into the importance of self-awareness, honesty, and empathy within organizations. Finally, Aviv and Kerry share best practices on how individuals and businesses can practice gratitude to foster personal and professional growth.

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