Monthly Archives: August 2020

The Five Meditations – Part 1

In this episode, Aviv expounds on the first two meditation practices – Mindfulness and Interior Printing – and provides actionable advice on how to implement both into your daily lives. By following these processes Aviv argues that listeners can achieve extraordinary results and shape the futures to which they aspire.

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Higher Mindfulness with Catherine Sherlock – Episode 93

Catherine Sherlock is an expert in leadership actualization, intuition, and emotional intelligence. Catherine works with leaders who see the bigger picture, where leadership is about becoming and showing up as your best self to ignite the best in others. She believes that higher mindfulness is about creating a more profound connection inside your ecosystem to unlock possibilities and empower higher levels of performance from a place of wholeness and inner peace. In this episode, Catherine and Aviv expound on the roles of energy, emotions, and inner peace play in leadership. Finally, they analyze in depth the importance of peak experiences.

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