Monthly Archives: May 2020


The importance of recognition in a workplace cannot be understated. Recognition is the most underutilized organizational currency and yet, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost morale, increase retention and enable interpersonal connections. In this episode, Aviv expounds on the many ways recognition can bring an organizational mindset from scarcity to abundance and from uncertainty to confidence. Finally, Aviv provides multiple low-cost tips and strategies on how organizations can make their team members feel valued and recognized.

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Roberta Matuson: The Talent Maximizer – Episode 87

In this episode, Aviv and Roberta expound on her work in the field of talent management and retention. They dive deep into the elements that factor into a satisfying work environment, including having a great manager, autonomy and a sense of purpose. Finally, Roberta provides her thoughts on the incoming generation of workers and best practices for employers to prune their workforce.

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